Faqs, Fees, and Forms

Faqs, Fees, and Forms


So what exactly is Individual Therapy and how can it help you?

Individual therapy is exactly as it states. It is you, the individual, working with me, the therapist. This ‘work’ typically includes techniques to help you understand the reason behind certain unhealthy or less adaptive behaviors. Or it could be that you understand the reason but you do not know how to change it. Or maybe you don’t need to understand the reason, you just need it to change. Fortunately, I am trained and experienced to know how to help you create a positive change and how to maintain these for the long haul!

You will notice that I used the word ‘help’.  If you are coming to see me, then you have done the hardest part already…you are identifying and asking for assistance from an expert.  But help implies that there has to be a willingness on your part to accept it and participate in the ‘work’ involved in the therapy process.

Individual therapy can consist of what is considered ‘talk therapy’ or ‘processing work’ and what most lay people consider the ‘lay on the couch and talk about your problems’. Folks, I do not have a couch in the office but hey, if you need one…I’m sure we can figure something out!  Whatever is a good ‘fit’ and within reason, I can certainly see the benefits in being flexible if it helps you succeed. But the most important piece to successful therapy, is YOU!

So what then is Group Therapy and why would I want to talk about my problems with a group of unfamiliar and perhaps even strange people?

Group therapy is exactly as it states. It is various people (typically no more than five people) who have similar goals and similar experiences that can benefit from a shared, dynamic exchange that begins and motivates change. This type of therapy is not for everyone and not because it is challenging or ‘scary’ but because it is not the best form of individualized treatment identified by you and me.

This form of treatment is typically an addition to Individual Therapy and includes a peer group structure led by a therapist that understands your need for safety that a group can provide. Some people like to ‘hide’ in a group and can find the group setting less intimidating than when in an individual session. But be mindful, you get what you put into therapy and sometimes challenges can make you more aware of who you are and what your true potential really is and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find! I will be there throughout the group process to make it stay on task, within the framework of the Mission, and as an anchor of safety. And remember, what is said in group- stays in group!

So are you left wondering, how will my FAMILY deal with these changes?  How can I get them on board?  Should I tell them?  Will they think I’m crazy?

Family Therapy can be a challenging experience for all families.  Sometimes family means mom/dad, mom/mom, dad/dad, mom/stepdad, dad/kids, dad/grandma/kids, uncles/aunts, mom/stepdad/dad/kids.  In other words, it can get complicated.  And on top of that, you have the ‘buy in’ factor. That idea that not everyone is going to want a change especially if change is already happening and let’s face it, change is stressful even if it is identified as a fun change. But change always ends up happening and the family must make worthwhile, healthy connections in order to be resilient. Change does not just happen to one person…it happens to everyone connected to that person in some form.

So, deciding to invite the challenge of family therapy may not be the first item of business as we begin the process of helping you make positive changes but it definitely will be a topic we will explore as you see fit. We may realize together that as you feel better and others see that you are ‘changed’ that there are also changes in the behaviors of others that seem to be interfering in maintaining your success.  And for the life of you, you can’t quite figure out why when everything seems to be going so well within you! And as far as any family thinking that you are crazy…

You would be crazy not to reach for your best successes to come! Sometimes it takes an experienced and trained person to help you on your path. And once you are ready to move on, you will realize how much of an expert you have become when everyone else around you can not seem to get it figured out!

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