Michelle Messer, M.A., LPE-I

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Michelle Messer, M.A., is an independent Licensed Psychological Examiner (LPE-I) currently working as a therapist in central Arkansas as the sole owner of Arkansas Creative Behavioral Therapy, PLLC (ArkCBT). She obtained her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2002, while working with families at Adolescent and Family Counseling in Gainesville, Georgia. This work also included therapy and leadership training services for students enrolled in the local public school system. She completed her internship at Northeast Florida State Hospital in Macclenny, Florida. This internship involved clinical therapy practice providing supervised dialectical behavioral therapy, substance abuse management group therapy, testing and assessment, diagnostic interviewing, treatment team planning, individual and group cognitive behavioral therapy interventions, and risk assessments for inpatient, civil and forensic adults.

Ms. Messer specializes in mental health treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and families. She provides assessment services to determine clients’ psychological, adaptive, academic, behavioral, and emotional needs. She received specialized training in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Judevine® Center for Autism Training at Gracewood State School and Hospital in Savannah, Georgia.  Ms. Messer is trained in the assessment of intellectual disabilities and learning disorders with advanced experience in treating individuals additionally diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness disorders such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. Ms. Messer has provided treatment for individuals with co-morbid diagnoses of Intellectual Disability (ID) and psychiatric disorders for over 13 years.

She has received training in various evidence-based treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and applied behavior analysis (ABA) when assessing the utility of contingency planning involved in the development of Positive Behavior Support Programs. Also, she has advanced experience in systems training of paraprofessionals to implement such programs. She works well with parent and caregiver involvement, as she believes this is a necessary component when assisting in the behavioral challenges sometimes associated with individuals experiencing intellectual and developmental delays, as well as those also living their lives with more severe psychiatric symptoms.

Ms. Messer currently conducts home and school campus visits to provide individual therapy, assessment, and hands-on-training and also offers after-hours office appointments for individual and group therapeutic services. Services include but are not limited to: consultation and contractual work, motivational interviewing for treatment noncompliance, behavioral programming and modified therapy interventions as necessary for individuals experiencing intellectual and developmental delays, psycho-educational training to improve social skills deficits, cognitive behavioral therapy interventions to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety, and other evidenced based interventions proven to manage more severe and persistent mental health symptoms such as psychosis and mania.

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